Online Networking for the shy Creative

One of the most important ways to grow your blog is to network. But what if you are as shy online as you are in person. I have this problem as well but since I still want to grow and reach out I have found some ways for it to be easier.

Being shy is definitely not the easiest while being a blogger. For example; Whenever I get a comment I get nervous about how I should reply. It is not the best personality trait a blogger could have.

This is how I try to make it easier on myself. Online networking for the shy creative entrepreneur. How to get comfortable networking online.

Find your save grounds

Some platforms are easier than others for me to use. For example; Facebook is something I haven’t used a lot and I don’t always know how things work around there. That makes me more nervous to comment on there. On DevaintArt however, I have been around for a while. This means that I’m a lot more comfortable to network around there

Having a place like that can be a great way to practise or to network in a place that feels not stressful at all.

Create a template for yourself.

Do you want to start with a name or do you prefer a greeting. I personally use a lot of ‘thank you’s . Having some sentences written down can help as well. What is a way to say “thank you” that you find sounds the most you?  Just write that one down somewhere for later use.


I try to make my comments more than 3 sentences long and I like to point out a specific thing from the post/image/video. I do this specificity because I like to make sure people know I have read/seen/studied the content.

This is just something that makes it a little bit more comfortable for me to comment.

When I feel I have written a good comment I feel more at ease posting it.

Take some time

I want to have responses that are thought out. I want to have time to think of the best answer and to word it exactly the way I want it.

Giving myself time to think about that also makes me less nervous about if it is a good comment.

Taking some time before answering for me is the best way to ensure I have the answer I wanted. For me, this means mostly having a deadline of answering within the day!


It could, of course, be that you think that this doesn’t fit your brand. But even taking a minute can really help you.

Make a draft

I even make drafts for Facebook answers sometimes even tweets. If I want to have direct contact with someone it helps me to type it all out in a text document first without the change to send it to the person before finishing it on accident.

If you want it to be quick you can also just make a little note by hand or try writing it out in your head. I feel that this helps me choose the best wording and decide on what thing I want to include. For longer comments even a list of bullets point could already help.

A lot of people might just use this for emails but trust me if you get nervous for writing comments or replies it could really help you.

Quick pace environment

What if you are in a twitter chat or a chatroom? I think the easiest thing for me is to give compliments above anything else. I like making them and I like making people feel good. So when I join twitter chats or chatrooms I like to just start with liking comments and such.

(More about twitter chats and how they work here)

Find something you find easy to do. Do you like answering questions just see if anyone has some. Or if you like sharing information just find some relevant articles.

Also preparing a quick introduction you can use anywhere might help.

Mine is something alike to my bio.

“I’m Sofie Arts and I’m a blogger, artist and creative entrepreneur and I blog about all of those! Happy to be here”

Such a thing would be more the enough in a chatroom as an introduction!


Personally, I find online networking easier than real life networking but it is also shared to seem genuine and honest. I think that by commenting and interacting in a way that makes you more comfortable will also make it easier to bring that across.

I would love to hear about how you handle this problem if you are shy. Or just if you have a template for comments!

10 Responses to “Online Networking for the shy Creative

  • Sometimes I don’t even read the comments I get on my blog posts until days after because I get really awkward about it. I wouldn’t say it’s down to shyness, I’m just not a fan of forced conversation and I feel like “networking” through blogging relies on that sometimes. I like to answer other peoples tweets when I join in on chats and I try and keep my replies (on comments) honest and short if they have to be. Even though I’m pretty quiet I much prefer networking in person because the conversation can flow more easily!

    • artsbysofie
      4 years ago

      I can totally see your point there. I also feel like it is easier to really get what someone means when you can actually see their face and such. Especially, since English isn’t my first language, I sometimes feel like I miss little things online because I don’t always get the nuances in words.
      Also, Sorry for replying this late to your very insightful comment! The move did not go as smoothly as I had wanted.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  • Not as shy ad I used to be, but I’m always in a rush and I read through your post! Love your advice, I’m super comfortable on Facebbook and Instagram and TSU, but I feel more lost on WordPress beacause I’m very new to blogging and just don’t know my way around WP and haven’t taken Twitter plunge, not sure what Devian Art is, but I’ve been on Behance might be similar? And truly I think using smartphone limits me, I need a laptop to function better! My phone screen is too small and I need a keyboard!

    • artsbysofie
      4 years ago

      I can simply not type on my phone at all. I could imagine having to write comments on it and I doubt anyone would understand them. I’m still figuring out facebook! Facebook for me sounds like WordPress for you!
      And yes, from what I can see Behance and DevaintArt are similar. I just think the general public might be a little bit younger on DeviantArt.

  • Oh and love your Cat!!!!

    • artsbysofie
      4 years ago

      I love him too! His name is Silvester and he loves laying next to me while I blog but he does get jealous of my laptop for all the attention it is getting.

  • Hi Sofie ..I like the new blog ‘look’. I guess I do like social media networking because like you, it gives me time to think about what I’m going to say. Being shy myself I find that sometimes face-to-face I say things differently than what I meant to. My words don’t quite express what I want especially when I feel the pressure of speaking to 2 or more people, socially. It’s like playing ping pong and I keep dropping the ball.
    I think I have some catching up reading to do on your blog. Very helpful posts btw!

    • artsbysofie
      4 years ago

      Hi Kevin, sorry for getting back to you so late. Moving this blog was quite the hassle so I’m very glad you like it! I totally relate to what you are saying. I often keep doubting whatever I said to someone in a conversation long after it is done. Online networking gives me a great opportunity to really think about what I say so I don’t really worry about it afterwards.

      I’m really happy to hear you enjoy my blog and find it helpful! Thank you so much for the regular comments. I really enjoy hearing from you!
      I hope you have a wonderful new year!

  • Hi Sofie! I just found your blog and totally relate to it. I’m new to the blogging world and am also shy while using social media platforms i’m not experienced on. your tips were super helpful, thank you!

    • artsbysofie
      4 years ago

      Hi Danika. I am so glad I could help! I wish you lots of luck in the blogging world! If there is anything I could help you with let me know. ~ Sofie

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