My sketching equipment

It is summertime and that means that I love going outside to draw. To draw outside or on holiday (which I went on recently) I like to take all my essentials and just sketch without worry.

My sketching equipment. The esseantials for going sketching outside. This is what I take with me every time and my absolute favourite!

All of these are pretty basic tools but I just love them a lot.

  • My trusty mechanical pencil currently filled with HB filling. Mine is from Pentel in a beautiful dark red. I have had no problems with it so far so it is quite sturdy!
  • The mono zero Tombow elastomer eraser (the most amazing eraser ever) (EH-KUS-B to be precise) I prefer the square one because it makes it easier to erase in sharp corners. There is an even smaller round one available as well!
  • Uni Pin fine liner 0.05 (water and fade proof, pigment ink). I love small fine lines, the smaller the better, 0.05 is the smallest I could get at the moment. The tip is quite fragile but as long as you don’t push too hard it should be fine. I have bought all my fine-liners from this brand and I am very happy with them.
  • 8B pencil because I love thick heavy lines and this one is also great for quick shading since it smudges so easily.
  • A Big Black Faber Castell PITT artist pen (Indian ink, waterproof and maximum light fastness) The PITT artist pens are beautiful and I use this one for big high contrast drawings. These are also available in color and sepia. It works almost like a brush pen and the pen is smudge and waterproof.
  • A sketchbook of course and depending how much room I have this can be either my A4 sketchbook or my Zap mini sketchbook (which is from recycled paper)
  • Finally, a boring ballpoint to write or make pen sketches.

What do you use when you go sketching outside? Let me know in the comments below.



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