Great online teachers; Lachri fine art

A few weeks ago I made a post about one of my favorite online teachers who mostly paints in digital medium. Since then I’ve been searching for more resources.

On my searches I ran into a lovely artist that has a youtube channel under the name Lachri Fine Art. She is an traditional artist that paints in acrylic mostly and does a lot of pencil drawing, all realistic. Her animal details is amazing, her techniques are beautiful and she is a very fun and nice person.

She does paintings critiques, social media tips for artist and speed paintings and tutorials. All of them are very well filmed and very informational. My personal favourites are the social media tips and her tutorials.

I really like;

How to blend wet into wet – acrylic painting demo

How to paint easy bubbles and water droplets – Time Lapse Demo by Lachri

Artist vlog – How I became an artist & the impact of fibromyalgia – Lachri

Artist Vlog- 7 tips to improve your art w/ Lachri

I really relate to her story and I think her paintings are really pretty. Please check her out and let me know what your favourites are and if you have any other online teachers that I should check out!

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