Advice for bloggers and entrepreneurs; Dare to dream

Do you ever indulge in a good session of day dreaming? Just sitting (or laying in bed) and think of all the things that could be. I think dreaming is good for you. Even if it might seem unproductive, it is an amazing way of visualizing.

So do you Dare to Dream? Do you think of the things you wish to be true?

Are you ever really dreaming about what it would be like if all our dreams and goals are achieved? 3 benefits of daring to dream!

Why should everybody be dreaming?

I am personally a self-proclaimed dreamer and I think it can be a great tool for all of us. There many ways dreaming can be helpful and exciting.

But not many people take time out of their day to dream anymore. We are busy either being productive or procrastinating.

Do you know what your dream is? How would it look and feel when you achieve that dream? What are the details and highlights?

1. visualizing 

Some people say that visualizing your goals is the first step. 

I have this something which I call, my perfect world. It’s my best case scenario. I love thinking about how it would be when these things were to be true.

These dream worlds help me get through tough times but they also help me visualize what I need to do to get to my perfect world. In my perfect world, I don’t have to worry about office hours because I am self-employed or working from home. There for I should try my hardest now to make that possible.

My dreams aren’t incredible big or impossible. They are simply what I hope my life would look like. I will do whatever possible to get to these dreams. Even if friends and or family might not see it. I think it is important to dear to dream these dreams anyway.

2. Motivation

Who doesn’t want to live their dreams? If you know how these things would feel wouldn’t you want them more? Since I know my dreams are attainable and not too crazy, I know I can make them a reality.

It motivates me to dream because I am  working on making it a reality. 

3. Inspiration 

It’s not unusual for me to be daydreaming and to suddenly come up with great new ideas or topics. Letting my fantasy run loose can really help when you are looking for inspiration for your next project or topic. 

The key is to just get out of your daydream for a moment to record your ideas. I have had many instances where I thought I had a great idea  but didn’t record it and therefore lose it. So really don’t forget to write your insights down.

# dare to dream


So what is your favorite thing to dream about? Is it your next project being produced. Your new office that you will have when your business has grown. The life you will have when you have a regular income.

How would you feel when these things come true. What would you do when you wake up to your breakthrough. Do you have your party plans ready?

Dreaming is important. It generates hope, motivation, and inspiration. Dreaming regularly can be good for you I think. What else is imagination for?

Want to know what my perfect day looks like. I wrote all about it here. 

Do you ever dream and how detailed are your daydreams? Don’t forget to share this post with someone who could use it!

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