How to curate the best content for your followers!

We all know that we need to give our followers a nice mix of helpful info between our own blog posts and work. You want to help then the best you can and you get to promote your fellow content creators. To do this most of us curate many pieces of content every day!

But how do you ensure that you get the best content for your followers out there? 

There are many bad articles out there. Some posts are just bogus links, some content is stolen or actually an advertisement for something shady.

And apart from the obviously bad choices, there is also a bunch of content that just doesn’t fit for your followers.

If you are a fashion blogger with no pets, chances are high that your followers didn’t follow you to read about “the 7 best kinds of dog food”.

How to curate the best content to share and help your readers!

Select per platform

Curating the content you share is really important. I think it is important to curate per social media platform as well.

Let’s take my twitter vs Pinterest. Since Pinterest is such a great tool for sharing all kinds of content since you can create boards for everything, you can share a high variety of content. Twitter, however, is just one feed.

My Pinterest is followed by many like-minded content creators while my twitter attracts many entrepreneurs from other walks of life as well.

So some things I can post on Pinterest, like interior ideas. But wouldn’t do so well in my twitter feed.

If you find an amazing article, try to think first on which platform it would do best on! 

Search new blogger to share from

We are all familiar with the bigger names within our niche. And while sharing their content is of course always a good idea, you know that others within your niche probably also follow these people closely.

A great way to curate new content is finding smaller bloggers with high-quality content as well!

So why should you find newer and smaller bloggers?

  1. This content is also high quality, you just need to read more carefully before sharing things.
  2. It will be new content for many of your followers, which is a great way to bring them new exciting things.
  3. You get to promote smaller bloggers which are always a plus!

Curating the best content help your grown your community!

Check all links

Make sure you check links in other their social media posts. Check the links within bloggers their posts. Check links all over the internet.

There are many important reasons why you should;

Broken links

If you are sharing someone else’s content you want to make sure that the link they provide works. There is nothing sadder than reading an amazing title and then not being abe to click trough to the posts.

Broken links are both irritating and not very professional. Of course, it happens to the best of us. But you should always check what you share!

Spam links

The same as broken links. Spam links can show up at the most random times. You think you are going to see the “top 10 cutest cats of the internet”, but instead, they try to sell you pills that will “make you a cat”.

Again if you check the links you posts (or mostly repost) it will really help your followers avoid these scams. Plus they will trust you more!

Find new content 

You know that bloggers one big post. Everyone has read it but nobody had heard of this blogger before. Chances are there is an amazing load of content on the rest of their blog. So check those old posts linked and recommended in the sidebar. You could find the next big posts!

Find content that matches (or even better; compliments) yours

Did you write a great post on trello as an editorial calendar? Find those other posts like how to link new power-ups or how other people use trello as well. You can find extra tips and hacks for your followers that are now interested in this new thing you wrote about. 

If you already linked posts in your piece, why not share those posts again separate to help your fellow bloggers out even more!

Share in return 

When people share your content it is often because they blog about similar things. Why not pop over to their blogs and dig around a little. Since you already know you have similar audiences it might be a great way to find content that yours enjoys. 

Plus it is a really nice way to connect with the people that share your posts!

When you curate the content you share well, the value other people see in following you will be great. It is an amazing way to make your social media channels irresistible.

And you get to give your followers great content that will help them and compliment yours!

There are many amazing ways to find new content and to curate the right pieces for your audience!

Don’t just share for the sake of sharing! Really ask yourself; Does this benefit the people that follow me? 

Let me know where you find the content that you like to share! 

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