Planners and Printable and how to use them for the best results

It is no secret that I am a planner addict. I have always liked pretty stationary and productivity hacks. Planners are a great combination of the two.

You might think you have it all figured out but using your planner in the best ways possible is going to help you loads!

Do you need a tutorial for this?

These are the types of people and their planner habits;

  1. you have many printables and planners in good use and they feel helpful and you have solved problems using them (me now). But you are always looking for better ways.

  2. you have many printables and planners and abandon them regularly (this used to be me)

  3. You have no planners but are extremely organised anyway (you are a superhero)

  4. You have no planners and live in chaos

Need a little inspiration before getting started? I loved this story on how to use planners to take charge of your life!

Not every planner or printable is for you

The obvious reasons are of course if you have printables for things you don’t need. Like a printable for keeping your cat healthy but you don’t have a cat. Or you have meal planners but prefer cooking on the spot.

Sometimes it is just not a good fit. For example, I love a day by day planner. I don’t need my week on one page as long as I have enough room for every day. However, I know people who absolutely need that overview of the week.

So we all enjoy a different kind of planner.

life planner

Some people love small planners, some people need a lot of space.

Finding a planner that you love and fits your need will make it much easier to start using it regularly.

If you don’t understand the planner or printable (this had happened to me) and you can’t find an explanation, that is also not a great fit for you.


What Do I use and how?


Two planners

Because I am wild like that. I have a project/business planner and a personal planner.

I keep these separate because;

1. It doesn’t fit in one planner
2. I like different things for those two different areas of my life.


My personal planner has the dates pre-written. It is a very standard planner like you would have for school. In this one, I write down everything university and family related. Deadlines, coffee dates, birthdays, who cooks tonight etc.

These two things (university and family) are super important to me. So when scheduling these always go first.

After that, I have a few hours in which I will do my business and blogging tasks (which are of course also super important to me!) I only write down which hours these are but never what I am doing because for that I will refer to my business planner.


In my business planner, I have my business plans worked out, my projects are nicely organised and I have a copy of my content calendar in here.

It is where I keep my plan of action for my business an blog. This planner is not predated so I can start it whenever I want. 

P.S. want to know how you can use Trello to organise your business?


My best year yet

Apart from those two I also keep a separate planner/printable; My best year yet by Lisa Jacobs!

I love this book. If 2018 is the best year I will definitely buy this planner next year too!

Apart from the planner aspect, it is also great for personal reviews and such!  I love the rest of the book as it is super helpful and insightful. I have my personal favourite places highlighted.

Your best year yet

I am not sponsored to say this nor an affiliate, but if you are an entrepreneur, a blogger or someone who want to be loads more productive I would highly recommend you check it out! You can read loads more about this planner here! 


To do list and checklist are super handy. I love checklist for situations that are stressful. Like packing for travelling or big meetings. Get all the stuff you need on a checklist and when you are packing you can easily see if you have everything!


How to use planners/printables


Find 1 good time to work on them

If you find one time in the day or week to update your planners and printables and note this time down it will be more likely that you will actually keep them up to date.

Say you have a daily planner: 

  • Maybe you look at this one once, in the morning, to update all your todo’s and schedules.
  • And once in the evening to update again and to make sure you have crossed off everything you have done.


Build a habit

Like all things in life, planners will not always feel like fun. Building a habit of reading and updating your planners, helps you to keep doing it even when you are not feeling motivated in the long run.

Some say it takes 21 days to build a habit. So why not open and update your planner once a day every day for the coming 3 weeks?


Keep them organised


I used to be terrible at keeping my planner nicely organized. And loose papers are my worst nightmare. I kept losing stuff.

Lucky for me I had a very good memory back then which helped me remember all my appointments. However, the more stuff I added to my life the busier my schedule and with fewer people to keep me accountable the more, I needed to rely on my own systems.

For them to be reliable I need to keep them organised;

  1. Keep loose papers in a binder or map or another system. Trust me, leaving them someone in a loose fashion will cause chaos.

    Just imagine a 41-page Essay left on my desk without any page numbering for some reason. Add two cats fighting while I am away to that mix. You can imagine how much time it cost me to get everything in order again after getting it from the ground.

  2. Always write down everything. Small coffee dates, doctors appointments, people you have promised to call, things you need to turn in. It is my biggest downfall. People, who mentioned in passing that they have a lunch on Sunday and I don’t write it down immediately?
    That probably means that when they mention it again on the Saturday before it I am completely surprised. This also helps you take up less brain space that you can use for other things.

  3. Make sure the plan match. Do you have two planners or some loose checklists for cooking or something like that? Make sure that if you have double planners that they match up.
    For example; a personal planner and a family planner? Trust me, great idea to check them sometimes.


Don’t overthink it

If you need that one set of stickers before you can use your planner, chances are that you will not use that planner that much. While I love decorating my planners to make me feel happy and stuff, I try to only do that when I have time.

I use my personal daily planner pretty much like my messy planner because I don’t care if I use the right pen or if I need to scratch out something. That is just life.

At the end of the day, it matters more if I can do all the things I want to do, instead of my planner looking nice.

Don’t make it to much work

If you work on your planner more than you work on the things you have planned, try finding a better way. I love planning and making beautiful pages but at the end of the day doing the work is what matters.

If you are doing a lot of work double or you losing the overview, try a different kind of planner or planning system.

Overal planners will only work if you want them to work. You need to put in a little work to keep them up to date.

Maybe you simply aren’t a paper planner person and prefer one on your phone. There are plenty of options for that as well! (My personal favourite is just old and plain google calendar!) 

What is your favourite kind of planner? And are you good at using them?

I would love to hear from you! Don’t forget to share this post for other planner junkies to find!

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My business and blogging goals for 2018!

I just want to write something first before I start this list for 2018!

First I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog this past year. Who has shared or left a comment! And special thanks to all my friends who support me in this endeavour and to the people who motivate me to keep going!

And now; Who doesn’t like some good new years resolutions?

Of Course, every day of the year is The BEST DAY to start new goals and good habits. You don’t need to start on the firsts (which is great since this post goes up on the second of January.) If you want to try something in your life just start!


But I did think these out beforehand. These are all business and blogging related but I also think some of these are great for my personal life as well.


  1. Make better graphics.

    Visuals are super important. And while I am an artist I am not always very good at Graphic design. Luckily, I have learned loads over the past years and I am improving (at least I think).

    But I can always improve more so that is definitely a goal for next year.

    I have been working on making more pictures and better designs!


  2. Spend more time promoting.

    I tend to be a posting a run kinda girl. Upload a nice post and run. Promoting blog posts is a lot of work but I think we can do more this year. If I can promote my artwork why not do the same with blog posts!

    I have read up on this, so this is the year that I will actually do this! 

  3. Have a content calendar running in advance.

    Somewhere last year I definitely fell off that wagon. But with a serious study, this business and friends and family this is not the year to write my post less than a week in advance. Hence a content calendar that is already up and running!
    I will definitely be sharing my top tips for making a content calendar that actually works!

  4. Comment more on other blogs. 


    Networking is great for your blog. But you probably knew that. I read lots of posts every week. To check them before sharing them, to find new tips and to stay up to date with some of my favourites. But I barely comment on 10% of them. So for 2018, my resolution is to comment at least twice as often.

    I can’t comment on every post that I read but this way I can increase it at least.


  5. Don’t let fear stop me. 

    As most of you know by now, I have been diagnosed last spring, with social anxiety. I got it mostly under control right now and I am super thankful for the help I got and the support of friends and family. And I also learned some very important lessons. One of those lessons is that I should not let myself be stopped by fear. I am scared of a lot of things, but they almost never turn out as bad as I think it would be. And half of the time when things do go badly, the clean up is a lot less stressful or scary than I imagined.

    So in 2018, if I really want something, I will not let fear stop me.  

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Art goals

If you don’t know, I find creative goals just as important for my business as having business goals! In this post, I explain why I think having goals for my art is great for business as well!

You will never win if you never begin- Helen Rowland


  1. Sketch more 

    I have always liked sketching but lately, I have been eying the 600-page sketchbook challenge. I am definitely not doing that this month since it seems super hard. But watching all those sketchbooks did make me realise once again how important sketching is.


  1. Improve my anatomy
    You can always improve this part I guess. While I don’t draw realistic all the time (or more like never) knowing anatomy is a great way to improve. I want to focus on dynamic poses and anatomy will definitely help.


  1. Studying light

    Light can be hard. I am good at drawing regular light but more complicated light situations and coloured light can still be hard. I would love to improve this in my drawings to make them feel more lively and to really help me create more magical looking pictures.

I would love to hear your goals for 2018! I am sure together we can achieve them. Let me know in the comments below.

Btw, If you feel inspired by reading this why not share this posts with others to feel inspired as well! 

2018 will be my year! Every thing i am planning to do to improve my business and blog in 2018! Goals to make 2018 amazing.


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