7 easy things you can do today for a better online business

Looking for the easiest ways work towards a better online business? There are many habits, tools and more that can make a business run so much more smoothly. Here are some great ways you can easily improve some parts of your business.

If you implement these I guarantee a better online business.

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How to make the best photograph of your artwork

Many of the artists who start their online career need to get their artwork online. Luckily this is not as complicated as it may sound. This post hopefully has all the information that you need. Have a specific issue?

Have a specific issue? I made a frequent problem section at the end.

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How to track your time to be more productive

If you are feeling busy all the time but you are not getting that much done, it is a sign that you need to take a look at your productivity. Measuring this, however, can be tricky. But if you know productive you have been, it can really put your day in perspective.

What is being productive? How can I know how productive I am. And how do I spend my time better?
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Things to do in the first month of the new year for success

Welcome to the new year. The year of success! 
But to make this year a success, we, of course, need to get some things ready in this first month that will help us.

Like many people I started this year with some wild plans. And like may people some of those plans I will probably forget within the first few weeks and not think about again until the next year. But I really wanted to make and effort to get my business, blog and art goals going.

Therefore, I made sure I did these things in the first month (even the first week) that will help me make these things come through.

These things work for any goals, but I will be mostly talking about business and blogging.

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2017 New years resolutions and goals // Creative entrepreneur

New Year is the time for new years resolutions. If you are a well-organised person that has their life together, you probably did some actual planning and instead of me you already made some great goals already.

But I like planning at the last possible moment. And thus I write my goals in this post on the afternoon of the 31 of December. But then again, you should never wait for a specific time or date to start a new habit. (But if you are writing blog posts for the coming Monday, your name is Sofie, and you are busy for the entire next month, you should have started earlier.)

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How to relax these holidays as a blogger and entrepreneur!

Everybody deserves a break these holidays. But to actually relax and take a break can be hard. So how will you prepare and have a good relaxing break these holidays?

Imagine this;  It is the last day before my break and instead of working on said break I’m running around stressing because I still need to make sure everything is done for the holidays. Not the most relaxed ways to start a break.

But when I am finally finished I want to have the most relaxing break I could possibly have. I have a whole bucket list of things I want to do! These will be great to relax a little and I hope you can too with the help of this list.

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