How to make a successful artist blog

When you start online as an artist and you want to make it serious, you might be considering an artist blog. However, the blogging world can be a little complicated. How can you write a good art blog that attracts and audience?

Apart from the fact that blogging is a world of its own, the art niche is also something different. It can be hard to know what your blog needs to be successful and helpful.

Your blog, however, can help you turn your dream into your job! Here are some tips for you to start a successful art blog!

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Which is better; writing on paper or on the computer?

As a blogger or business owner, you are probably writing a lot. Blog posts, descriptions, copywriting and social media are all things that need to be written. But what is the best way to write them? Are you a pen and paper kind of person or do you prefer to set your thoughts right on the screen?

Today I wanted to explore if any of the two is better then the other. Do people who write on the computer a secret advantage?

Of course, as a blogger, you always end up typing in your posts. But this is mostly to see if there is a benefit to writing on paper first.

(Hint; I wrote this post on paper first.)

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How to curate the best content for your followers!

We all know that we need to give our followers a nice mix of helpful info between our own blog posts and work. You want to help then the best you can and you get to promote your fellow content creators. To do this most of us curate many pieces of content every day!

But how do you ensure that you get the best content for your followers out there? 

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3 things anyone can do to improve their blog design

I get how hard blog design is. It has taken me ages to get anywhere near a good looking blog and I still think I could do better on some points!

When you start up a blog you get so many things that you need to learn about if you want to run it like a successful business. The design side is one of these things. Learning design is a whole different story. Luckily , there are many blogs dedicated to just that.

But before you have learned any blog design there already some things you can check for your design.

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Is it too late to start a successful blog?

I know that when first started doing research into blogging it seemed to be almost impossible to start now and still get successful. There are already so many amazing blogs out there that started years ago and who grew a very impressive following.

So are we, who are just starting out, too late to be successful bloggers?

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How to get project excitement back

Know that feeling when you come up with a new project and you are just so excited. You have thought it all out. The first few days you get the most amazing insights on what to include. You have started your first (20) drafts. Then your excitement just sizzles out. Maybe you made your project to big, maybe you just don’t really feel like it anymore?

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How to fix things when fear is holding your blog back

Do you sometimes scream into a pillow at night because you have so many plans but you are too afraid to execute them? Because I do that, regularly. Whenever I come up with things they mostly get put off because I am afraid of publishing things. Fear holds me back!

Asking for the things you need or support can be scary. Trying new things and putting yourself out there is scary.

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