3 Actionable steps to conquer art block

Everyone encounters some form of art block in their life. Somedays you just don’t know what you should be creating next or what you should be drawing.

It can be frustrating when this happens and many people can get stuck in it for weeks if not months. I personally had this problem sometimes as well but there are some things that I learned that can help me get out of an art block.

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Gimp vs krita; Free digital illustration progams

If you want to get started in digital illustration or art but you do not have the budget to afford photoshop there are a lot of great programs out there you can use for free.

Two of them are Krita and Gimp. Both are free and I have used both a lot. I thought I would share my experience with both of them for any new artist out there who don’t know which of the two to choose.

I have tried a lot of digital programs for illustration and Gimp & Krita are definitely there with the best free software.

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The full guide of advice for a successful first art fair

Your first art fair can be very scary. (Mine was) You might not know what to expect or how things work. I certainly felt that way. But after my art fair, I feel like I have a much better understanding of what works and doesn’t work.

I think art fairs are a great opportunity to find out what people like and what sells. So trying them out is certainly worth it. 

Here is everything I learned from art fair from my first booth on one (and of course talking with some professionals there).

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Do you dare to share your artwork in progress?

There is something about sketches and artwork in progress that makes it hard to show sometimes. The fact that it isn’t finished and isn’t perfect makes it harder to show to the world.

So today I am sharing just that, works that aren’t perfect!

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The best part of an artwork; the last details

Some artist might know this feeling. When you are reaching the end of a painting or drawing but you still want to do all the details. Adding more contrast, cleaning up the whole thing etc.

It is a matter of balance. Will this make it better or will it be and overkill?

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The 3 secrets to my succesfull watercolour portrait

This week I made my first watercolour portrait that I actually love and I think I learned a whole lot in the process. I am sharing my top 3 secrets that made this portrait turn out better than any before it!

But first a little announcement! 

Fridays are for art talk! 

I wanted to find a way to incorporate a lot more art in my blog and I was kind of struggling to do so.  Instead of just being in an endless rut coming up with art topics I decided to just dedicate a whole day to talk about anything I am working on! I hope that makes you as excited as me. 

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