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Do you ever dream of making a living as an artist or creative? I did and I thought that would never be an option. This site is my journey as I try to make it work anyway. I hope I can inspire and help you to do the same.

As I go along I like to share, my tips and tricks, updates and insight. I share things about blogging, business, and creativity.

This blog is meant as a platform for like-minded people filled with resources and ways with connect. If you want to be involved make sure to subscribe to the newsletter or you can subscribe to the blog to get every new post directly in your inbox.

I want you to succeed at living your dream as well! 

On this blog, you will get; 

+ Promotion options 

+ Opportunities

+ resources for creatives and artists

+ insights in what it takes to make the journey

+ and more

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About Sofie Arts

I am Sofie Arts or Sofie van Nierop, a blogger, business owner and artist from the Netherlands. September last year I decided I wanted to give my dream a chance. I started this blog to document my journey, to inspire others and to share useful information.

I’ve drawn my whole life, art is my passion and I would love to do this forever. My specialities are illustration and character/creature design with a special love for fantasy.

For business inquiries email; sofie.arts@gmail.com

Connect with me; 

Come talk to me and we can connect. I love finding new people to talk with and to share my experiences with.

3 things I really love; 

My top three things that I really love in illustrations (apart from human beings in my life of course);  



I love cats and everything related. On my blog, you will often see my cat named Silvester who likes to interrupt blogging and painting.



Proud coffee lover and addict. Drink of choice is Cappuccino.



I am an avid reader of everything fantasy and sci-fi but enjoy the occasional roman (especially historic ones).













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