7 months in; starting a creative business

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7 months is a long time and sometimes I feel like I haven’t done a lot yet. I tried my best at promoting this month but despite my best effort, this month was my worst month.

Through recent events, I think it would be saved to say that maybe I need some other tactics to promote my blog/shop/business.

But we are not giving up yet.

I still have 5 months to go. Greater things have been done in less time.

7 months in; starting a creative business. Goals accomplishments and income report. Everything I did to try to make this month work!


I have been trying to join more in linky parties and another event in the hope that it will be a good way to promote.

I did also received a Liebster Award this month which is very excited and courtesy of the lovely Nikki from they Richness of a simple life. Her blog is so lovely and I am so honoured to receive it from her.

I am still working on the acceptance post plus finding blogs that I can award.

I did not finish any of my extra projects but I actually wanted to ask you this. What would you like more?

  • the planning ebook I am working on (I feel like there are a lot out there) 

  • an illustration packs full of custom illustration free to use

  • art resources

I would love it if you would let me know dow in the comments below.

I also really want to give my blog another makeover somewhere this month. I feel like I could incorporate my art more in that way in the blog.

I tried this before and it turned out okay but now I want to really make things illustrated and mine across my blog. I have foud some very inspiring blogs which have done this like;

Sandia Nerd

it just looks so beautiful! 

Now for the goals for this blog. 

Last month my two goals for my blog were

  • finish one of my e-books

  • work more on promotion

From which I obviously didn’t do the first one. I did try the second one but I feel I haven’t booked a lot of progress.

I had to get rid of my jetpack plugin since it was severely slowing down my site together with a lot of other plugins. My google analytics is showing lower numbers than ever but at least, I tried.

My total page views; 83 

pageviews march google analytics

I also wanted to include something new in these little overviews for every month. My planning can be quite bad but bad planning is better than no planning.

So just because I think I will keep me accountable I will be sharing this month’s editorial calendar in every one of these posts. This way you get a sneak peak at the content I am planning and I have an actual planning for this month. (and maybe if this goes well I will start making more content again.

For my editorial calendar, I use trello like I described here.

my editorial calender april

I also added some little comment features like the fact you will now get an email if I responded to your comments and commentLuv which means you can add your last post as a link to you comment making it easier for people to find you and spread the blogging love.

Social media

This is one that has been steadily going this month. I haven’t seen a massive increase but it keep growing anyway. This includes my Pinterest which I am very happy about.

Instagram is something I am still working on. I don’t entirely know the ins and outs of the platform yet and I am not used to regular uploads. Especially since I need to upload over the computer because my phone isn’t handling it.

My goals this month were; 

– change my twitter cover really this time

– work on my Instagram instead of hiding in a corner. 

And I did both, which is exciting news! (notice I have a tendency to not get to my goals??)

My twitter cover might need another update but I really liked my idea of just starting with my artwork. I think it is a much better idea than the low quality picture I had first at least. Maybe, I will need some more work on my social media profiles and optimize them.

My most popular post on Insta till now

My personal favourite post


I still have been working a lot on my art. I think that it by uploading more it will be easier to get recognised and I get actual practice.

Plus, this is suposed to be  creative business so I think I should incorparate more creative stuff! 

For example; I really would like to make some art resources this month for others.

This month I want to;

  • post a challenge

  • getting better at anatomy

I think that key to this month’s success is just keep going. I need to keep creating more content & art.

I am also very slightly thinking about maybe starting a YouTube channel just for speed paints but I think that might be a little more complicated than easily.

I did upload some new works in my etsy shop!

Esty shop march

So that was is for this month. Hopefully, next month will be better!

I think that by planning a lot of things out already it will be a lot easier to write and keep busy & productive and not just busy.

I am very excited about some of the plans that I have but finishing things does not seem to be my strongest point.

I really want to focus on creating actual income sources and not just keep fooling around and creating unnecessary work for myself. (I feel like right now it is a lot of stress but no results?) 

That is also why I will be creating a work with me page soon where I will offer skills. I am very excited about this one because not only will it hopefully be a source of income.

I will also be making a lot of freebies and side projects to help with the promotion of my ideas!


0. 78 euros

I would love to hear what freebie you would like most from the earlier mentioned list! I would also love to connect with you one social media! Come find me! 


I made a little sheet in the library where you can track your business as well just like this! (But better because it requires no rambling)

tracking your creative business

2 Responses to “7 months in; starting a creative business

  • Just read your page, it caught my eye on twitter no idea why but it did 🙂 so yay on you.I understand this blogging world is not easy as people think. I’m newly started well, 1234.. ya 6 months in now for me.Having people click your link button of life is so hard. Just press the link already ! hehe. Keep going girlfriend/stranger and you will make that paycheque ! Your art is very creative and beautiful. Get it out there. Tweet it INSTaGRAM it ! Follow me and ill follow you. @Morticia32 on all media ! Promise.

    • artsbysofie
      4 years ago

      Hi Tara,
      Just checked out your blog and I am already in love with it. Thank you so much for all the kind words. Comments like this make everything worth it! I followed you one twitter! I look forward to connecting with you 😀

      ~ Sofie

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