5 other ways to make money as an artist!

When I was searching for some good platforms to sell on I also came across a lot of other ways artist can make money online. I think first and fore most artist sell their work and than hope to sell enough a month to get income. We do see more and more artist selling prints which is a very good way to have some more affordable product for people to start with.  In the end selling enough work to make a living can be hard for a artist and not everybody can get hired for freelance work so here are some additional ways you can make money as a artist!Some creative alternatives on making money as a artist to get a more stable income.

  1. Commissions; This is kind of a obvious one that many know about. I think that this has pro’s and cons but I heard that there are a lot of artist who make almost all their money of of this. Instead of selling original work that you have already created you make work that individuals specifically ask for. The key for this is that you need to be great in communicating. People who request art often are not entirely sure about what they want and your first priority should be to find that out before you start painting. Some artists feel like commissions are not a real form of art and like to stay away from it. They do take a lot of time and effort so you have to be really in to it! Important; You need to create a solid price list for this! 
  2. Blogging; Lots of artist start blogs to show their process. On you blog you can talk about what inspired you or what your thought was behind a piece. When your blog gathers a  following more people start to see your work which is already great. Monetizing your blog can be a easy way, I’ve heard, to make a little extra. I have a pin here that talks more about making money with your blog.
  3. Patreon; A special platform on which people can support artist and creators. I believe this to be the best way to get a more stable income. People pay a regular fee to get rewards. Great rewards are drawing tutorials and resources or original work. Also W.I.P, exclusive updates or a behind the scenes. This might work better for you if you already gathered a following.patreon support for artist and creators
  4. Adopts; I’m still in the middle of figuring this one out and I’m thinking bout writing a entire separate blog post about this. This is something I see a lot on deviant art. You create a species or character and others will pay to adopt these for a small amount of money or devaintArt points. If you like drawing My little pony or comic book styled wolf this might work for you. I did also see a lot of original species and original characters. Some people like buying a character complete with a though out personality and back ground story. This does require again some social skills and sense of community and I have thus far only seen this on deviantArt.
  5. Youtube; A lot of successful artist have great youtube channel. This kinda falls in to the category of the blog. If you are not really a writing person this can be a great alternative.  Making tutorials or showing your painting/drawing process can be very helpful for other artist. You can easily make money on YouTube  by simply turning it (adds) on for your videos.  I talked about some of my favourite channels on this blog before like lachri fine art and sycra. An other favourite of mine is Draw with Jazza who creates very informational video’s which are also often very funny.

This is al I know for now but I will stay on the lookout. The fact that we can share out art online really gives us a lot of benefits. We do not just have to rely on the local communities and word of mouth marketing but you can go out there and really promote yourself. With the ways listed below you don’t have to only rely on selling your original work but you can create a more broad source of income!

Do let me know if any of these worked for you or if you know some other ways that I did not mention above!

I will be back on Monday with another post!

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