3 tips to make blogging easier

I am one of those people who tend to finish their blog posts on the morning they should go online. This not only makes me stress a lot it can also hurt my blog when I can’t give it the attention that it deserves. I spoke about the pro and cons of deadlines and like I said; good planning will make everything easier.

Blogging can be hard and tiring. More importantly it takes a lot of time. One of the most time consuming this is curating content. While the thing that will get you blog noticed is not only the content but networking a lot.

When you make your content you create the foundation of what people are looking for. But the way they are going to find it is if you get it out there.

One of the ways you end up high in search rankings is when you have regular new content. Consistency is part of what will keep your blog alive. To do that it is always great if you can make blogging easier on yourself.

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Stockpile ideas

Nothing is harder than coming up with ideas for relevant and good blog posts. At least it seems that way as the internet is filled with posts with post ideas and how to come up with them. Keeping a simple list with everything you come up way is an  amazing way to never run out yourself.

Keep a bit of title or subjects. You can even record sub-topics and such for which you need a broader frame.

For example, make a secret Pinterest board with prompts or information for new blog posts. Or keep inspirational content in your bookmarks and such.

You can simply write them out one by one or just choose the one you like more and start there. You can even just see them as a list of inspiration on its own, the firsts ideas you record might not be the best, but they are a good starting point.


Stockpile content

Even better than blog post ideas is worked out content.  It will keep you organised. When you don’t seem to have any ideas or you have the flu or a holiday you can easily schedule some of those.

It will not only keep your organised, it might ease your mind. Make you less stressed. Backup is never bad.

You can work them out as far as you want. Just some notes on the topic can already be better than nothing. It’s just about having some things that are done fast and can be up any moment.

Other forms of content are great as well. Think relevant resources, numbers and fact that you can use for when you write. Do keep the links of the sources as well. You should always have the original sources mentioned when you copy numbers or statements.


Create your own stock photo library.

Another way to save a lot of time is by having your photo’s ready.

You can edit and change a lot for every photo. By making even a small library, you always have last moment options.

Using your own images always makes a better impression than using the recognisable stock photo. It doesn’t make your content stand out if many people use the same image. Of course, you can always edit and change images but your own will always be unique.

You can simply start by making some photo’s around the house. Think about the images you easily like to use for your blog posts.

For example, if you like photo’s of stationary just spend a day gathering stationary and styling it. That way you always have a photo to use in your blog post or for any other purposes.


Don’t know what kind of pictures to take? Check out my 10 ideas for when nothing fits the theme.

It is always going to be hard work but investing time up front can help you a lot in the long run. Plus, I find writing content without stress or deadline a lot easier.

I hope this will make your life easier like it made mine. With good planning and backup, you can make your blogging experience a lot easier.

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  • Great tips. I’m pretty good about stockpiling ideas and content, but photos are something I really need to get on. I swear, it takes me longer to deal with photos than I does to write a post!

    • Pre shooting the photos have really helped me since I can pull up relevant photos at any moment! Highly recommend it 😀 I’m glad you liked it!

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