3 things they don’t tell you when you open an Etsy shop

Etsy shops seem so easy. You upload your product and you start selling and making money. Unfortunately, I have found it is not so easy.

Esty, like all platforms, has its secrets. If you want to have it work for you have to know how it works.

Today I wanted to have a little talk about 3 things people don’t tell you when you open an Etsy shop.

3 things they don't tell you about Etsy // Sofiedoesart.com

It a social platform

Who shops on Etsy? People who know the platform. A lot of the people who know the platform know it because they either own a shop or know someone who owns a shop.

So when these people shop on Etsy they shop might shop with people they know.

It’s not for nothing that Etsy has a favorite button and thing called treasuries. These are all elements to get more of a social environment.

Engagement is not only handy to find new customers, but it also stands great on your profile. It is something that might take some time to learn, but it will pay out in the end.

You need to know more than just your craft

You are great at your craft and now you want to share it with others. Maybe because you really want to work from home.

So you open an Etsy shop. The bad news is that you can’t just run your business on your craft alone. You need some other skills.

3 things they don't tell you about starting an Etsy Store

Think writing descriptions and photography. Learning these skills will help you business taking off.

– Marketing

Market your creativity


Styling with props

15 tips for styling and shooting


How to write product descriptions that sell

I have listed down resources for all of these topics for you to check out. Let me know if you know any more so I can add them.

You might not succeed

Maybe you first shop won’t take of.. it can be anything that just doesn’t work out. But don’t let that stop you.

If it doesn’t work out the first time just try again. Try a new name and place. Maybe start up with a few new products.

Try new marketing strategies, take new photo’s. Starting over is not a shame, it can actually just reenact your business.

Even though, Etsy might be harder than you originally thought I heard a lot of people who can and do make a living from it. I think that starting one is certainly worth the effort.

I would love to hear from any other illustrators who are trying to start an Etsy shop! Maybe we can help each other out.

3 Responses to “3 things they don’t tell you when you open an Etsy shop

  • Hi Sofie…at one time I had 3 Etsy shops but one got very little interest so I closed that one. I agree that it is a platform unto itself, etc. and is about making connections. Connecting with the right people is a challenge since you really, to my knowledge, have very little info about your buyers. Some don’t even have a profile pic!
    I have two shops now: RetroCaffeine on Etsy and KevinCameronArtist (Ocean Sky Crafts)
    Also I’m not sure if one has to be constantly commenting on Etsy forums to generate interest or if using other social media to redirect traffic is best(?). Thanks for the above links. I’m checking them out now. :^)

    • artsbysofie
      5 years ago

      Hi, Kevin.
      I have to say I love both you shops. The are very fun to browse too.
      Etsy can be quite difficult. I think that if you are going to connect with other sellers, going outside your own niche is probably best. Or maybe looking at different art styles. Most of my traffic does seem to come through Etsy itself but I don’t comment too much in the forums. I do however like a lot of things on that and I do think that helps. For now, I would think that social media might work better if you have more followers on there since you also have more information on your buyers that way. Maybe I’ll do a case study on it someday!

      ~ Sofie

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