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New Year is the time for new years resolutions. If you are a well-organised person that has their life together, you probably did some actual planning and instead of me you already made some great goals already.

But I like planning at the last possible moment. And thus I write my goals in this post on the afternoon of the 31 of December. But then again, you should never wait for a specific time or date to start a new habit. (But if you are writing blog posts for the coming Monday, your name is Sofie, and you are busy for the entire next month, you should have started earlier.)

2016 Definitely wasn’t a great year for me. It was a hard year, entirely too long and with many drawbacks. But what doesn’t  kills you makes you stronger. Thus 2017 I will work a lot on making it a better year.

New years resolutions of a creative entrepreneur for a better 2017!

1. Always be the hardest worked in the room. – Dwayne Johnson

This quote is something that really resonates with me. Even though I know I can never put in as many hours as some other people might be able to, I can still try to work as hard as I can.

And you know how I plan to do this? ;

2. Have clearer goals

I am terrible at setting good goals. I am even worse at making them. And I like to switch them around all the time. But this year, I will have better goals.

Goal setting is a skill on its own. There are many ways in which you can set your goals and some just are more likely to lead to success than others. I am someone who often makes her goals to ambitious, her plannings outrageous and I am bad at prioritising. This year I hope to set goals and divide them up into mini goals that are easy and attainable and that will lead to success.


3. Being more productive (but not busy)

Besides being a terrible goal setter, I am also an over ambitious planner. I often plan too much for one day and try to do big tasks in the least amount of time possible. 

This year I am focusing on being more productive, without being busier.  I believe that if I plan well, have a clear goal and prioritise, I should be able to get more done.

4. Get more organised

All the things above will be simply easier to do if I am more organised. So I will clean, organise and plan as much as possible.

First things first, however, is getting in some research on all these topics so I know how I can best implement these things. Of course, I will be sharing everything I find on here so if there is anything on this list that interests you as well, stay tuned for the rest of January.

The last thing I want to focus on;  

More art. I am an artist, I love my art and I want to be more actively doing art. I, also, want to upload more work on here and have it more often discussed on this blog.

Often I feel as if I don’t have enough time to paint & draw. It would be great to have more work to share and more time to paint so this year I will try to do so. Also, I have some very fun challenges planned.

(Need some ideas for your art blog? Read; Content Ideas for your art or illustration blog!)

Unfortunately, it will all have to wait until February. I have an exam on the first of February, so I really want to make sure I am prepared for that & thus I am not painting and drawing as much this month!

I want to upload more work on here and have it more often discussed on this blog. And I would really like to make an actual digital portfolio since I only have a real-life one at the moment!

So what you can expect; 

  • more art related content hopefully

  • create more art in general

  • more work on society6 

Who knows what else I come up with. 

So these are my new year’s resolutions. I really hope to make the best out of 2017. Again 2016 was a tough year, but I just hope we can make 2017 a good one.

I would love to hear your new years resolutions!

(Btw if you have anything you would want me to talk about on the blog, Just let me know!)

You can read last years goals here. 

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