The little pleasures of gaining more readers

Somewhere last month my traffic skyrocketed for a little bit. I loved seeing such big numbers even as they eventually faded away. Even knowing that people could love my content so much made me very happy. But besides seeing the obvious big numbers there are some other great things about growing your blog.

The little pleasures you can find in growing your blog that are not big numbers!

Google audience analytics that makes sense

The more people visit your blog the more reliable your google audience analytics will become. That means that you know who loves your content and that you can choose what to promote accordingly.

I loved seeing the data straighten itself out and get more reliable. It means I can get to know my audience better and have more insight into what they would like to read.

New things get clicked

Things and links getting clicked that didn’t get clicked before finially do.

Maybe some page didn’t get clicked before but the more your audience grows the more your site will be browsed and the more links will be clicked.

Seeing people clicking the page you have worked so hard on can be very rewarding.

I personally really like when I see people have clicked the side bars or have visited the top menu pages.

People who visit more than one page are also great for lowering your bouncing rate!

Getting regular comments from old and new readers.

Who doesn’t love getting your regular comments from your regular readers and getting more and more of those? There are many people that I befriended through my blog and I love that that has all happened because I kept working on this blog.

Getting offers

I love it when you get offers in the mail where you did not have to go after yourself with a bat. It is quite flattering and often nice to see that people know where to find you.

Even if those are offers that you might not be interested in at least you now know that people can find you.

Seeing your own post on social media

I love it when I see people reblog and share my stuff. Coming across your own posts without them showing up in notification really means people are sharing and loving your stuff. For me, it doesn’t happen that often but when it does it certainly is a great feeling.

People start to recognise you

When you hang around long enough in a community your work and style get recognised. You name and face as well. The time I heard; “Hey, I saw you posts before.” Really made me happy. I think we all have people we have recognised on multiple occasions.

All these little pleasures show that you don’t just need to look at your numbers. I am so guilty of this myself while the things above feel much more satisfying.

What things did you like most about growing your blog. Or what do you looks forward to? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to share this post with other bloggers in your life.

10 months in; starting a creative business

“To be prepared is half the victory.” – Miguel de Cervantes

Last month was both great but hard. Blogging can be made so much easier by planning and when you think ahead. But I always feel like I am running behind the facts. But next month is now all planned out to hopefully avoid a break like this again.

Luckily in my break, I had lots of time to make new projects and things. In the next few weeks, I am excited to share loads of new content and projects.

I’m still struggling to get on top of it all but I hope that in the last two months I can really get everything in order.

I realized that thinking just a month ahead will not make you prepared. Many creatives have calendars up to a year.

10 months in; starting a creative business


I have had a great month. For some reason, one of my posts went viral on stumble upon. I had no idea it was possible but it brought me 2563 views last month. Unfortunately, I was not prepared at all and I honestly think the whole thing stressed me out a little. That combined with some tough weeks and more made me take a break for the rest of the month.

google analytics june

After that, it did feel a little harder start up again but here we are anyway.

Last month goals that I did not work on at all;

  • Reach out to 1 person

  • Create a gallery on my blog

  • Keep finding new ways to grow!

  • Fill the sidebar! (Except this one, I tried to add some posts, let me know If I should add more)

I think I will just try to do these goals this month. Even if I will be on holiday for a bit. I still hope to get some time to work on more projects.

If you have a good post about blogging don’t forget to submit them to the list!


Like everything it has been a little slow this month. I did find that stumble upon is a great platform to try out. Like I said before I had a post that went viral there. The key is to stumble yourself as well. Just open up the site and stumble around for a few minutes or so. It helps bump your own pages.

Like for blogging, my goals for last month are kind of lost. And for this month I dare say I won’t be online so much. I have set up queues for some of the platforms but not all of them.

I think that I would like to work on both Instagram and Tumblr to get more images up. I have some new works already that only need to be photographed and uploaded but for some reason, it is not my favourite task.

I am thinking of trying a batch day soon to get all of those things done.


In my break, I have been drawing loads. I will not be uploading them for some time but I am excited to have so much inspiration again.

I was also wondering if people would be interested in a book of inspiration filled with promise, sketches, info, and pictures. Let me know if that is something you would download.

At the moment I am looking into the possibility of making my own prints. The art fair is getting closer so I am trying to create more work for that.

Also, I have been thinking about creating a print shop online where I would not have to be involved in shipping. It might make a great means of passive income or not at all.

So that was the month of June. I hope July brings more order and planning for this blog.

As always I would love to hear your input and advice! 

The most awesome list of posts about blogging

A collection of great post that helps you set up, start, and promote your blog. I tried to include posts with really actionable advice that you can use right now.

I have read and approved every single post on this list. If you think there is a category missing or you have suggestions for posts leave them in the comments! 

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Do you dare to share your artwork in progress?

There is something about sketches and artwork in progress that makes it hard to show sometimes. The fact that it isn’t finished and isn’t perfect makes it harder to show to the world.

So today I am sharing just that, works that aren’t perfect!

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9 months in; starting a creative business

After 9 months I am still going strong and May was an amazing month. Everything I did in the last month has really paid off. Now I am really searching for new ways to keep this growth going. 

I must apologize, though, because eventhough I am really close to finfishing the e-book, it is still not done yet.  There is just so much I want to include and tell you about.

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Habitica The site that makes being productive easy & fun

Do you sometimes feel like everything you do is a chore? Are you just idly working away on your to-do list etc? Is being productive fun to you?

I have found the most amazing site ever that makes all you chores, to-do’s and more in a great fantasy game!

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Promoting your art online vs in the real world

When you want to make a living as an artist you will have to start promoting yourself at one point. If you don’t want to call it a promotion, you can call it making connections. One way or another art-promotion will happen. Online promotion and real life promotion will often overlap. But what makes online promotion easier than real life promotions? The endless possibilities and opportunities!

This is for those artists that are not sure if online promoting is for them! Because it is!

Make sure you share this with the artists in your life to give them more opportunities! 

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